Board and Train Program

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All training is done in a positive manner using praise and encouragement as motivation. Each dog is trained according to their specific needs by USDTA trainer, Melissa Houston. Your dog will receive walks, playtime, and the personal attention it needs to avoid separation anxiety. Don’t send your dog to a boarding kennel when you go away on vacation, send him to school.

Each dog is evaluated before training begins to determine his willingness towards training. Training programs are specialized for each individual dog according to the dog’s temperment and personality. All training is done in a positive manner using praise and affection as motivators. Each dog is schooled for ten to fifteen minutes at a time,throughout the day, in order to avoid overworking. Walks, playtime, and rest periods fill the intervals in between. It is essential that the dog does not become tired or bored with the training session.

We do not use any harsh training methods or punishments. We advise clients never to hit, scream at, or use alpha-dominance techniques on their dogs. These methods can lead to fear, mistrust , and aggression from your dog. Consistency is the key to having a well behaved dog. Your dog should work for you because he loves and respects you.

We recommend obedience training for puppies at three to four months of age. By giving your pup a proper education early on in his life you will avoid many problems later. Does your pup have accidents in the house? Housetraining problems will be resolved while the dog is enrolled in our program. Our training program is available to all breeds and all ages.

We have successfully rehabilitated many fearful and aggressive dogs. Each dog is handled according to his specific needs. Dogs suffering from separation anxiety will become more confident and independent. You don’t have to accept your dog’s behavior problems. Often, these problems are easily corrected through obedience training not drugs.

When your dog is enrolled in our training program he will be taught the commands Heel, Sit , Come , Down , and Stay. Proper manners are taught to avoid unwanted behavior such as jumping and nipping. All commands are taught using voice commands and silent hand signals. The average dog will stay for a two  training period.

At the completion of the initial training we will begin lessons to educate the owner. Lessons are weekly and are offered to everyone in the family. We encourage all family members to attend in order to familiarize each person with the proper techniques to handle their trained dog. Owner education is very important in order to ensure that consistency will be maintained in the dog’s environment. There is no limit to the number of lessons offered. Your dog will be covered for free lifetime follow-up.

The cost for the entire training package will include: the initial training enrollment, an unlimited amount of lessons, and lifetime follow up. A six foot leather leash and training collar are included also. MasterCard and Visa are accepted. Call (508) 987-5392 to schedule a free evaluation.