Dog Day Care Services

Do you feel guilty because your dog is home for several hours while you are at work? Is your dog bouncing off the walls when you get home at night? Does he exhibit destructive behaviors? The answer to your problems is doggie daycare. Drop your dog off in the morning and pick him up on the way home. Your dog will receive exercise and attention in a safe environment.

Many behavioral problems are the result of bored or frustrated behavior. If your dog is allowed to run off that extra energy, he will come home tired and satisfied.

Drop off time is between 7-9AM. Your dog will run and play with other dogs throughout the day. Pick up time is between 4-6 pm. He will come home completely exhausted and content.

Our kennel features two large outdoor play areas. Your dog is secure within our six foot high chain link perimeter fences. Non-aggressive dogs are turned out to run together in groups to encourage socialization and play. Your dog will receive hours of fun and exercise and come home content after a full day of activity.

Daycare $40/day.
Drop off and pickup must be in the same day.