We wanted to Thank Melissa from Northeast School for Dogs for helping Tucker our 9 month Newfoundland puppy become a good citizen. We adopted Tucker when he was 7 months old; he lived in an environment that did not have a lot of structure or exercise, he was malnourished
and unruly.

While we tended to his physical being with proper nutrition and veterinary care, she worked on his mental being. She took Tucker for 2 weeks into her school and taught him in a safe controlled setting how to listen and execute commands. Melissa also worked with my husband and I to ensure that we understood what he needed from us to ensure he remained in balance when we took him home.

Today, Tucker has become a part of our household and has found his place in the pack. Our two older Newfoundland dogs have come to see him as a member of the family and he is now a happy well behaved 9 month Newfoundland puppy.

I know that my husband and I would have never been able to get the results that Melissa accomplished in two weeks…she is amazing! Thank you Melissa for helping us ensure that Tucker had a chance at a well balanced and happy life.


The Staples Family


“Thank you so much for watching our boys while we were on our trip.  We really want to thank you for your miraculous work with Foley.  He is a changed puppy!  He is doing so great at home now.”


“All four of my pups are “graduates” from NES4D. As a single Mom with 5 year old twins and four dogs I love when people who visit comment on how well my girls interact with our dogs as well as how relaxed and well adjusted our dogs are. Whenever we have had issues Melissa is the first person I call and her continued support has been fantastic. The investment of time and finances is beyond worth it. Do yourself, your family and your dog a favor and make that commitment.”


I am writing this as a testimonial to the training my dog received from
Melissa at Northeast School for Dogs. I have a large Doberman who was
having behavioral issues with his aggression. I had been a bachelor
with my dog “Frank” for years and his behavior was never of great
concern to me as I was somewhat of a hermit. The whole reason I had
ended up with Frank is because his previous owner wasn’t able to
handle him. When I met and married my wife the issues with Frank
became much more evident. Frank would become aggressive towards anyone
who would come to our home. Once we had child Franks aggression became
unacceptable and a serious concern. 

Melissa met with us and took Frank for two weeks. I was skeptical that
an older dog could be trained but we were willing to try anything.
When he was returned Frank was a completely different dog. Melissa not
only trained Frank but taught My wife and I how to handle our dog.
Frank is now a much more mellow dog. We are able to have company
without fear that our dog will be a problem. I honestly cant believe
the transformation my dog went through and I can’t speak highly
enough about the job Melissa did.

Dennis Fitzgibbons

“Oh my goodness he is doing AWESOME! We took him for a walk the other day when it was nice and he was very excited at first however within two houses you barely had to hold the leash. He is so much calmer, has gotten used to his “place” and is coming in without much of an issue. I forgot to mention- I took Bleau to visit my grandmother at her nursing home in West Bridgewater and he was great! He was calm despite all the wheelchairs rolling towards him and the residents wanting to pat him. While in my grandmother’s room, he sniffed her, licked her hand, then laid down by her wheelchair while we talked!
Thank you so much!” Allison H.