Safe Treats

On a recent visit to my vet a couple brought in a dog for emergency surgery. The dog had eaten a portion of a knuckle bone. The bone fragment had caused an obstruction and the technician informed me that the dog would probably not survive. The dog had broken off and swallowed a large chunk of the bone when they were not watching.

Often, a client will pack a bag full of treats for their dog when they drop him off. As I examine the contents of the bag I will hand back the beef bones, pigs ears, rawhide, and bully sticks, explaining that I can’t leave these treats in their cages because they could possibly choke on them. I am not willing to take that chance with my own dogs and I certainly won’t take it with someone else’s.

Acceptable treats in my kennel are treats that can be eaten immediately. Biscuits, meaty treats, and carrots fall into that category. I used to say chicken jerky strips were acceptable too, but now there’s been a recall because so many dogs died after eating treats made in China. I don’t even take a chance now and just send them back in the overnight bags.

If you want to give your dog a treat that will keep him busy for a while a stuffed Kong is usually a safe bet. Cram some biscuits or dog food into a Kong with some peanut butter and stick it in the freezer. It will take a while for the peanut butter to defrost so the dog can get at the treats inside.

Stick with the safe stuff. You may think your dog needs beef bones, pigs ears and rawhide but he doesn’t. He wont know the difference and will be just as happy with biscuits or Kong treats. It will save you a huge vet bill or possibly losing your dog

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