I just got a great email from a client about her dog. Bleau went through my 2 week board and train program recently. I sent an email asking how he’s been doing. Here is her reply:

“Oh my goodness he is doing AWESOME! We took him for a walk the other day when it was nice and he was very excited at first however within two houses you barely had to hold the leash. He is so much calmer, has gotten used to his “place” and is coming in without much of an issue. I forgot to mention- I took Bleau to visit my grandmother at her nursing home in West Bridgewater and he was great! He was calm despite all the wheelchairs rolling towards him and the residents wanting to pat him. While in my grandmother’s room, he sniffed her, licked her hand, then laid down by her wheelchair while we talked!
Thank you so much!

It’s so rewarding connecting owners with their dog’s potential. You don’t have to settle for your dog’s current behavior. Training your dog changes their state of mind and helps them to become calm and well adjusted. Don’t delay, train today!

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