Board and Train Facilities

The kennel is located in the lower level of our home so your dog receives nearly 24 hr. supervision. House training will be maintained because we are able to let your dog outside several times during the day. Your dog will not be forced to eliminate in his cage and therefore will come home cleaner than from most kennels. We let the dogs outside for a final time at 9:00 in the evening so they will be comfortable
through the night.

The dogs are housed inside in large cages or crates. We encourage you to bring your dog’s bed or blanket so he will be comfortable. Our kennel is extremely clean and quiet. The outside area has large enclosed kennel runs with locks to avoid escaping. Boarding is $50 per day. Daycare is $40 per day.

Weather permitting, your dog can spend most of his time outside to enjoy the fresh air. The play area is enclosed with six foot high chain link fence with locks. In our experience, dogs are less stressed in this type of environment. Large commercial kennels tend to be loud and intimidating. The quiet and clean atmosphere makes most dogs feel at home. Once you board your dog here, you won’t want to bring him anywhere else.