Board and Train Program

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Each dog is trained according to their specific needs by USDTA trainer, Melissa Houston. Don’t send your dog to a boarding kennel when you go away on vacation, send him to school. Our goal is to teach your dog to be calmer.  Calm dogs make better decisions. Basic obedience, housetraining, good manners, socialization, fear, and aggression are all addressed. Your dog’s day will consist of training, walks, socialization, and playtime.

Our board and train program is customized to fit your dog’s specific needs. Your dog will come live in my home for two weeks. During that time you can attend several lessons to see your dog’s progress and to learn how to handle your dog. Upon completion of the initial training I will come to your home for follow up lessons. Lifetime lessons and support are included in this program because maintaining consistency is essential.

Board and Train is $2500.   Call for a free evaluation 508-987-5392


For those not able to do the Board and Train program I also offer Private Lessons here at my home. Four lessons for $450.00