Making a Difference

It’s so rewarding knowing that you made a difference in a family’s relationship with their dog. Below is a recent testimonial written by one of my clients. This dog went from being aggressive and intimidating to calm and trustworthy. Don’t just put up with your dog’s behavior. You can make a change, starting now….

I am writing this as a testimonial to the training my dog received from
Melissa at Northeast School for Dogs. I have a large Doberman who was
having behavioral issues with his aggression. I had been a bachelor
with my dog “Frank” for years and his behavior was never of great
concern to me as I was somewhat of a hermit. The whole reason I had
ended up with Frank is because his previous owner wasn’t able to
handle him. When I met and married my wife the issues with Frank
became much more evident. Frank would become aggressive towards anyone
who would come to our home. Once we had child Franks aggression became
unacceptable and a serious concern.

Melissa met with us and took Frank for two weeks. I was skeptical that
an older dog could be trained but we were willing to try anything.
When he was returned Frank was a completely different dog. Melissa not
only trained Frank but taught My wife and I how to handle our dog.
Frank is now a much more mellow dog. We are able to have company
without fear that our dog will be a problem. I honestly cant believe
the transformation my dog went through and I can’t speak highly
enough about the job Melissa did.

Dennis Fitzgibbons

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