Board and Train Program

I’m often asked, “Why is the board and train program better than me training my dog myself ?”  Having your dog trained while he is boarded is the fastest way to see dramatic changes in your dog’s behavior.  While your dog is here with me he will receive constant consistent handling throughout the day.  This teaches the dog that he must adhere to certain rules and boundaries if he wants to get what he wants.  Because this is my full time job, I am able to take the time to be consistent, every time.  For example, I expect the dog to sit at the door before going outside.  If he doesn’t sit, he doesn’t go out.  The average person is in a rush to get their dog out so they can get ready for work.  I’m at work already, so I have all the time it takes to reinforce the training.

I have been a professional trainer for fifteen years.  I’ve pretty much, seen it all.  You may think your dog is incredibly hyper or naughty or frustrating but I understand that dog behavior is based on energy.  Your energy directly affects your dog’s energy.  I understand where your dog’s behavior is coming from.  I am able to calm and assertive and not let myself get flustered, frustrated or angry.  This teaches the dog that I am the calm leader and he is the follower.

This is why, in a relatively short period of time (2 weeks) you will see such a dramatic change in your dog’s behavior.  If you were to attend lessons for once a week it would take your upwards of eight weeks to complete a basic course.   Of course, you are involved in his training.  It’s important to understand that once he comes home from training you still need to attend lessons and reinforce the training.  He won’t just blindly follow you.  It’s my job to also teach you how to become that calm, assertive leader.    Once your dog understands that you know what’s expected of him, you will enjoy many happy years with him.

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